110 MINS

Mon 24 - Wed 26 Feb Starts 8:00pm

Sun 1 Mar Starts 6:00pm

Doors Open 7pm (5pm Sundays)

Based on the real-life case of Melita Norwood, the 80 year old clerk who had been casually living out her retirement in... Read More

109 MINS

Mon 2 - Wed 4 Mar Starts 8:00pm

Sun 8 Mar Starts 6:00pm

Doors Open 7pm (5pm Sundays)

Starring veteran acting royalty Sir Ian McKellan and Helen Mirren, "The Good Liar" see's both in fine... Read More


Thu 5 Mar Starts 8:00pm

Doors Open at 7.00 pm

This event is free to members and their guests

"You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!"

... Read More

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420 MINS

Fri 6 Mar Starts 7:00pm

Sat 7 Mar Starts 4:00pm

The People’s Film Festival presented by Kino London is a two day event where we'll screen some of the best local and international short films. From... Read More

100 MINS

Mon 9 - Wed 11 Mar Starts 8:00pm

Sun 15 Mar Starts 6:00pm

Doors Open 7pm (5pm Sundays)

Awkwafina rapper turned actress who plays the lead in this film (a role she won a Golden Globe for), has followed up one... Read More

113 MINS

Mon 16 - Wed 18 Mar Starts 8:00pm

Sun 22 Mar Starts 6:00pm

Doors open 7pm (5pm on Sundays)

Pain and Glory is a Spanish language drama written and directed by Pedro Almodóvar, starring Antoinio Banderas and... Read More