Ten Benefits Of Whirled Cinema Membership

Here are just some of the benefits and attributes that set us apart from the high street chains and make membership of Whirled a truly unique experience.

  • 1. Free Entry
    Membership entitles you to free entry to all our regular screenings on Wed, Thurs, Fri and Sunday evenings. Free entry to our monthly documentary night screenings. Free entry to our Saturday morning Kid's Whirled programme. We screen sixty two (adult screenings) films a year which equates to one pound sixty per screening, or eighty pence if you bring a guest!
  • 2. Our film programme.
    No where else puts on such a diverse programme of world, art house and British cinema.
  • 3. Bring a guest
    As a member you are entitled to bring a guest for free to each screening.
  • 4.No need to book
    There’s no need to book, just turn up to any screening.
  • 5.No box office.
    There’s no box office so there’s no queue for tickets on arrival.
  • 6. No adverts or trailers
    Our films start on time; there are no adverts or trailers at Whirled.
  • 7. Oyster card entry
    Rather cleverly your Oyster card doubles as your membership card; once registered, you just swipe yourself in on arrival.
  • 8. Reduced ticket prices
    Members can buy discounted tickets for other adhoc events.
  • 9. Reduced hire charges
    As a member you can hire Whirled for your own private screening or party at discounted rates.
  • 10. Cinema etiquette
    Our members know how to behave, no chatting or phone conversations here whilst the film is on.

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