Kids' Whirled: Enchanted [PG]

We finish our Stories and Tales season with a modern take of fairy tales: Enchanted has to be the ultimate fish-out-of-water comedy, as a cartoon character enters the real world and becomes human, although she still holds onto certain characteristics from her old life, like wide-eyed innocence, the ability to organise battalions of animals, and a tendency to break into song. Amy Adams plays the beautiful Princess Giselle who, thanks to a shove from wicked Queen Narissa, suddenly ends up living in New York - and in three dimensions! A very modern fairy tale, Enchanted is delightful, hilarious and irreverent.

Recommended for ages 5+

Kids' Whirled is a Saturday screening programme primarily designed for kids and their families. Whirled Cinema members are welcome to attend for free (+1 other). 
Please note: no unaccompanied adults unless you are a Whirled Cinema member. Children aged 10+ can attend without an adult.

Please purchase tickets online wherever possible: tickets cost £3 only if bought online, and £4 at the door. 

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Kevin Lima

Sat 25 Mar Starts 11:00am

Running Time: 105