Kids' Whirled: Finding Dory [U]

Dory is a happy blue-tang fish living in the ocean with her friends Marlin and Nemo, working as a teaching assistant. Dory also has short-term memory loss, meaning she tends to forget events seconds after they took place. As a young fish, her parents were lost and now Dory wants to set out on a quest to find them. Her adventure involves reuniting with lots of old pals, as well as a few new ones, not least Hank, the chameleonic – but rather grumpy! – octopus. The mission takes Dory into the Marine Life Institute, an aquarium for diverse ocean species, where her parents just might be found. Set one year after Finding Nemo, this sequel is just as inventive and charming, sensitively discussing issues around disability, adoption and the rehabilitation of troubled creatures.

Recommended from 5 years old.

Kids' Whirled is a Saturday screening programme primarily designed for kids and their families. Whirled Cinema members are welcome to attend for free (+1 other). 
Please note: no unaccompanied adults unless you are a Whirled Cinema member. Children aged 10+ can attend without an adult.

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Andrew Stanton, Angus MacLane

Sat 9 Sep Starts 11:00am

Running Time: 103