Kids' Whirled: Long Way North (PG)

Fascinated by her explorer grandfather’s adventures around the globe, noble-born Russian teenager Sasha is worried when he doesn’t return from his latest mission – to be the first to plant his flag at the North Pole. Frustrated by the lack of interest in finding him, Sasha turns her back on the high society she’s supposed to enter, and sets out instead to track him down. However, despite her fascination with maps and her skill at charting the course she believes her grandfather must have have taken, Sasha is in reality unprepared for her trip. Reliant for survival on a crew of strangers who are wary of taking a girl on board, Sasha determinedly sets out on a perilous journey to uncover the truth.

Recommended for ages 5+

Kids' Whirled is a Saturday screening programme primarily designed for kids and their families. Whirled Cinema members are welcome to attend for free (+1 other). 
Please note: no unaccompanied adults unless you are a Whirled Cinema member. Children aged 10+ can attend without an adult.

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Rémi Chayé

Sat 14 Oct Starts 11:00am

Running Time: 81