Kids' Whirled: Tomboy (U)

French filmmaker Celine Sciamma builds on the promise of her acclaimed debut Water Lilies with a beautifully understated, naturalistic drama about childhood gender identity confusion that’s both touching and gently humorous. It centres on 10-year-old Laure, who has moved with her family to a new neighbourhood on the outskirts of Paris during the summer holidays. With her short-haired, boyish looks and tomboy ways, the local kids mistake her for a boy. Instead of correcting them, she introduces herself as Michael and starts living a double-life, with her parents unaware of her secret, and her six-year-old sister persuaded to play along. Her situation becomes more complicated as she grows closer to local girl Lisa, and tension builds around the fact her deception can't last forever.

In French with English subtitles
Recommended for ages 7+

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Celine Sciamma

Sat 4 Nov Starts 3:00pm

Running Time: 79