A Very Merry Christmas Sing-a-Long-a-Ding-Dong!

If you take the bones of a traditional Christmas carol service – the congregation, the mulled wine, the singing – and replace the carols with unashamed Christmas hits, something beautiful is created – A Very Merry Christmas Sing-a-Long-a-Ding-Dong! 

This is Christmas karaoke on a mass scale, with everyone’s favourite Christmas songs on the big screen and you singing along. Join The Pogues, Sir Cliff, Mariah, Wham!, The Waitresses and others, and help raise some money for Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust. 

There will be Christmas hats, crackers, even a raffle! So if you fancy the idea of coming along to belt out your favourite Christmas tunes and help raise money for a very good cause, then get a ticket, bring some mates, slip into your Christmas 


Thu 14 Dec Starts 8:00pm

Running Time: 90