Soy Cuba

 A lost classic torn from obscurity by Coppola, Scorsese and David Bailey; Soy Cuba is a frenetic, dizzying exhibition of the power of visual storytelling. Director Mikhail Kalatazov's (The Cranes are Flying) neglected masterpiece tells four stories, portraying the catalysts, the rise, and the success of the 1959 Cuban revolution. Have the politics dated? Yes. Has the film? Absolutely not.

Beginning with an unbroken tracking shot that Roger Ebert called 'one of the most astonishing I have ever seen,' Sergey Urusevsky's unparalleled cinematography touches every second of this film, leading us through smokey brothels, graceful riverside villages, lanky sugar cane fields and deafening city nightlife - all in blistering whites and deep, stirring shadow.

Mikhail Kalatozov

Mon 10 - Wed 12 Jun Starts 8:00pm

Sun 16 Jun Starts 6:00pm

Running Time: 108