Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Once upon a time in Hollywood, the ninth film from controversial genius Quentin Tarantino is if he is to be believed, his penultimate film before he hangs up his camera for good promising to only make ten films and call it a day.  It’s also the first film he has made with no involvement of the Bob or Harvey Weinstein in the light of the metoo scandal.

And don’t let the fact that Tarantino films much like Scorcese’s, have become essential viewing be the main reason you catch the film.

Even if you remove the Oscar buzz, multiple pop-culture references and 70s Hollywood setting, you’re still left with a comedy-drama that drains every drop of acting chops from it’s amazing cast (Brad Pitt, Leonardo Dicaprio, Margot Robbie) as they tell a story which play’s with history in classic Tarantino-esque style.


Quentin Tarantino

Mon 3 - Wed 5 Feb Starts 8:00pm

Sun 9 Feb Starts 6:00pm

Running Time: 161