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Kung Fu Cinema

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Drunken Scorpion presents the all-new Kung Fu Cinema and the return of classic old school ‘late-nite’ Kung fu films back on the big screen.

Experience the lively, rowdy and exciting back-in-da-day vibe of late nite kung fu screenings plus also enjoy 2 hrs of gaming (Street Fighter, Tekken) with prizes to be won; plus we have classic 80’s/90’s hip-hop beats enhancing that back-in-da-day feel all before the kick-ass martial art films. + Enjoy: support Short Films / Exclusive Screenings / 2K HD Restored Classics
Twisting Tiger (short film: 30 mins)
The Rebellious Reign (90 mins)
Rebellious Reign

In this classic tale based on Chinese folklore, Nian Gengyao (Jimmy Lee) lives in a China during the Qing Dynasty after he completes his martial arts training, as a patriot he decides to work clandestinely for the rebels whose aim is to overthrow the ruling government. Undercover he secretly becomes the righthand man of Prince Yongsheng (Norman Chu) and works his way up to the position of a top general. the anticipated death of the emperor triggers a succession crisis. One of his 14 sons plots to steal and alter the will naming the emperor's successor as him, leading to a brutal,martial arts civil conflict. The Rebellious Reign has superb martial arts choreography and a captivating story full of intrigue and twists & turns; this film surely will rate highly among your favourite Kung Fu classics.

Starring: Fong Lung, Norman Chu, Hui Lou Chen, Kuan Pao Chen, Fu Hung Cheng
Dir: Fong Chiung 
HK / 1980 / 90 mins / 18

Admission via Membership

Emperor VIP Membership (4x events): £50
Temporary Event Membership (1x event): £20







Director: Fong Chiung
Running Time: 120