105 MINS
Sat 18 Nov Starts 11:00am

We're starting our 'Best Of' last season of films with one of our ultimate faves! This exhilarating comedy can stand many, many viewings, so stick it to the man and treat yourself to a bit of Jack Black air guitar.

How does a slacker get his head round the financial necessity of a job? That... Read More

Sat 25 Nov Starts 11:00am

Our 'Best of' season continues with family favourite The Jungle Book, the last animated Disney movie to bear Walt's personal touch. This much-loved, exuberant adventure follows Mowgli, a young boy raised by wolves, as he journeys to seek safety with other humans in their village outside the jungle.... Read More

Sat 2 Dec Starts 11:00am

We're so delighted to screen Alan Parker's Bugsy Malone again! This well-loved musical comedy set in the 1930s criminal underworld has a cast made up entirely of young teens, including a young Jodie Foster. It is a unique and inclusive cinema experience that works brilliantly. Mob boss Fat Sam is under... Read More

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Sat 9 Dec Starts 11:00am

We are delighted to present these eight award-winning short films from the British Animation Awards, specially selected for our younger audience (3-7s). A more cheerful collection of stories from around Europe you will not find, full of music, colour and character but no dialogue.

Recommended for ages 3+... Read More

115 MINS
Sat 16 Dec Starts 11:00am

This screening is marking the end of Marie's Kids' Whirled adventure. After 4 and a half wonderful years creating family memories through film and community, with a heavy heart, she is saying goodbye to Saturday morning film screenings.
And to celebrate in an epic way, we're delighted to give... Read More