Sat 22 Apr Starts 11:00am

Welcome to our brand new Follow Your Dream season. It's our last season this academic year, so be sure to join us and support our unique children's cinema. As always, our funding for next academic year depends on how many people come to watch our great films. Thank you and see you soon!
Ballerina (U... Read More

107 MINS
Sat 29 Apr Starts 11:00am

That one will project you back to your youth... In this much-loved family classic, tearaway foster child Jesse is caught one day vandalising a marine theme park. The authorities agree not to press charges if Jesse repairs the damage he has caused. While cleaning up at the park, he comes into contact with Willy the... Read More

108 MINS
Sat 6 May Starts 11:00am

Buster Moon is an optimistic koala who has been enchanted by the stage since he was a kid – but as an adult in charge of his own theatre, it’s getting harder and harder to make his shows successful. To draw in the crowds, Buster puts on a talent contest advertising a cash prize – which accidentally becomes much... Read More

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Hire Whirled
Sat 13 May Starts 11:00am

This recent adaptation of the 1935 Arthur Ransome novel is full of daring and adventure, as four inquisitive children on holiday in the Lake District embark on the trip of a lifetime. Looking to get away from the tedium of their summer holiday, the siblings are given permission by their mother to camp on their own... Read More

108 MINS
Sat 20 May Starts 11:00am

We're screening this amazing animation by the producers of the Academy Award-nominated Persepolis and the mind of renowned graphic novelist Jacques Tardi.

In an alternate past where electricity hasn’t yet been discovered and the Napoleonic Empire was never defeated, Paris is run by steam power and any... Read More