103 MINS
Sat 9 Sep Starts 11:00am

Dory is a happy blue-tang fish living in the ocean with her friends Marlin and Nemo, working as a teaching assistant. Dory also has short-term memory loss, meaning she tends to forget events seconds after they took place. As a young fish, her parents were lost and now Dory wants to set out on a quest to find them.... Read More

Sat 16 Sep Starts 11:00am

Sometimes the simplest stories are the ones we find the most powerful - and that's certainly true of The Fox and The Child. It tells the story of a young girl growing up in the French countryside who keeps seeing a wild fox out in the woods near her home. Soon, she becomes determined to make friends with the... Read More

Sat 23 Sep Starts 11:00am

We're delighted to host a special screening for our younger audience members.
Jim Broadbent's gentle narration is perfect for this charming computer-animated tale for children about a young boy who, much to his surprise, finds a penguin at his door one day. The penguin seems to be lost and rather... Read More

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Sat 30 Sep Starts 1:00pm

A lone sailor is overcome by the vicious, stormy seas and becomes shipwrecked on a deserted island, with only the smallest creatures for company. The unnamed man forages for food and fresh water in order to survive, but his thoughts soon turn to escape. After building a raft from wood, the man attempts to return to... Read More

Sat 7 Oct Starts 11:00am

An accident-prone bear from deepest Peru arrives in London searching for a home, but finds himself lost and lonely at Paddington station. However he quickly meets the Brown family, who take him in, having read the label around his neck – “Please look after this bear”. This heartwarming film is packed with an all-... Read More

Sat 14 Oct Starts 11:00am

Fascinated by her explorer grandfather’s adventures around the globe, noble-born Russian teenager Sasha is worried when he doesn’t return from his latest mission – to be the first to plant his flag at the North Pole. Frustrated by the lack of interest in finding him, Sasha turns her back on the high society she’s... Read More