Venue Rules As Of January 2020

Rules And Regulations

  • Under no circumstances whatsoever is drink which is purchased outside of Whirled Cinema permitted into the venue. The management have the right to confiscate or safe keep the items from any person at any time, at their discretion.
  • Whirled Cinema will not serve any person who is under the age of 18, or who appears to be so and cannot prove otherwise. If your event includes guests around the age of 18, please ask them to bring ID.
  • Whirled Cinema supports the reasonable consumption of alcohol and reserves the right to refuse service to customers who are, or appear to be, intoxicated.
  • Whirled Cinema will supply all equipment and staff required for the bar.
  • We reserve the right to serve drinks in plastic glasses.
  • We do not offer credit or cash back and will only run a tab if monies have been paid in advance.

Equipment And Screening Material

  • It is the hirers responsibly to arrange a test of any film or equipment to be used at an event prior to the event taking place. Whirled Cinema takes no responsibility for any equipment or projection material not owned by Whirled Cinema.

Payment Terms

  • A deposit or full payment must be made in advance to secure a booking. A 50% deposit (Non-refundable) will be required to secure the date and time. Full payment must be made within two months of the hire date or on the agreed date arranged.

Cancellation Policy

  • If the event of a cancellation a 50% total refund of the hire fee will be returned if a replacement hire is found otherwise the full amount is forfeited

Additionally, 50% of any bar spend for that evening would be chargeable.

Decorating The Venue

  • Glitter, confetti, party poppers, silly string, adhesive backed decals, stickers and adhesive tapes are not permitted in the venue.

Conduct Whilst On The Premises Of Whirled Cinema

  • The hirer shall be responsible for the conduct of their guests and shall ensure that such guests do not themselves breach or cause any guest to breach any of these rules and regulations.
  • No hirer nor any guest shall carry on or be engaged in, anywhere within the premises of Whirled Cinema, any profession, business, trade or conduct which is or may be prejudicial to the welfare and/or reputation of Whirled Cinema or which in any way or to any extent is or may be illegal or disreputable.
  • The hirer and their guests must follow the instructions given to them by any member of the staff team whilst on the premises of Whirled Cinema including vacating the premises if requested to do so.
  • The hirer and their guests must respect the premises and property of Whirled Cinema and treat the staff at all times with courtesy and good manners.
  • The hirer and their guests are required to vacate the premises in an orderly manner paying due respect to our neighbours
  • If any hirer or guest may have a complaint about any person on the staff team, then such complaint should be directed to the management and not the staff member in question.

18th Birthdays

  • Whilst we are happy to host 18th Birthdays, we insist that our own security is present for the night. The hire fee for 18ths is £810 including security and all our lighting for a 5-hour party from 20.00 to 01.00. There is an additional £100 deposit against damage and a guest list must be submitted by the hirer in advance.

25 and under Birthdays

  • Whilst we are happy to host under 25s Birthdays, we insist that our own security is present for the night, charges vary from £150 – £300 per night depending on the length of the hire. There is an additional £100 deposit against damage and a guest list must be submitted by the hirer in advance.


  • The property of the hirer or their guests whether or not entrusted to any member of staff or left elsewhere on the premises of Whirled Cinema shall be at the sole risk of the relevant hirer or the relevant guest and Whirled Cinema disclaims any liability for the loss or damage to any such property.


  • We are licensed from 1800 – 00.00 Monday – Thursday, 18.00 – 03.00 Friday, 11.00 – 03.00 Saturday & 11.00 – 23.30 Sunday.
  • Films can be projected on Blu ray or DVD format or a digital file/
  • We no longer offer corkage, but the hirer can provide complimentary drinks for their guests with a discount on wines and prosecco for one drink per guest. This will need to be pre-arranged and paid for prior to the event


  • Please make all complaints to in writing. Complaints will be responded to within seven working days

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